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01 di pengerang - Google Blog Search

KoSong: Perang <b>di Pengerang</b>...

Posted: 05 Oct 2012 01:04 AM PDT

tsunami of the BN kind... considering the expected effects on its communities and residents.

According to Victor Lim, RAPID will wipe out:

six mosques;
11 suraus;
Nine non-Muslim religious structures;
Five national schools;
Five Islamic religious schools;
Three Chinese national type schools;
Three government quarters;
Three rural clinics;
Two police stations;
11 Muslim cemeteries;
Seven non-Muslim cemeteries; and
Nine community halls.

"The Selangor government rejected the proposed project in February 2011 and the Taiwanese then sold their proposal to and accepted by the Johor BN government and Petronas. Najib then announced RAPID on May 13, 2011, barely three months after Selangor's rejection! Do you believe all the socio-economic and environmental impact assessments have been conducted before making such an approval for a mega project?

Unlike the caring Selangor government, the Johor BN government approved the project without giving an iota of consideration for the misery of the affected rakyat and the wanton wastage of existing infrastructure and property."


It is a big scale project, small wonder belligerent, black-belted MP for Pengerang, Azalina Othman has been defending it 'tooth and nail' in Parliament. On tv, juxtaposed pictures of her and demure Nurul Izzah, in a heated exchange, showed the sharp contrast.


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