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01 di skudai - Google Blog Search

01 di skudai - Google Blog Search

Lime & Cherry: Cara Apply Postgraduate Master <b>di</b> UTM <b>Skudai</b>

Posted: 12 Feb 2014 06:17 PM PST

Sharing my experience applying master course in UTM. It shall be a lengthy one so grab your snacks, sit back and relax. :P 
I graduated in 2010 and after 3 years working in the industries, I decided to further my study in UTM Skudai. So I decided to enroll in one of the course offered by FPREE (Faculty of Petroleum & Renewable Engineering). So to make it simple. First of all, you have to decide what course you would like to take. You can always google and search for faculties and their programs offered. Each program usually they will list what subjects you shall take for every course offered. You can also do some surveys from seniors for their opinions.
In here you can find a lot of informations on when to register for postgraduate students. If possible, ask them when will the Postgraduate Open Day will be held, as  the RM20 registration fee will be waived if you apply on that day. Or else, you can always register via online but for sure you will have to pay lah.
Wait for the confirmation email from SPS and once confirmed, they will send you the official offer letter to your house. Make sure the address is correct to avoid any problems sending the original copy as you will really need it during registration of new students later. SPS will take around 1 to 4 weeks to deliver the offer letter. Mine took only 1 week.
SPS will email you the links to download forms and documents you will need to bring during students registration day.
1. Soft Copy of Offer Letter
2. Lampiran 1 (syarat2 tawaran program)
3. Lampiran 2 (kadar yuran)
4. Lampiran 3 (letter of undertaking)
5. Lampiran 4 a dan b (Form Pendaftaran Pelajar)
6. Lampiran UTM 1a (Kesihatan)
7. Lampiran UTM 1b (Jaminan Kewangan)
Things you need to do before registration day.
1. Medical check ups. Make sure the clinic gives you the xray film since they will need it too for their records. Mine was not submitted because the doctor didnt give me, not sure why but i did my med. check up in Klinik Kesihatan Pontian. the gov should know better right. pfft
2. Pay Study Fees. Bendahari UTM uses the CIMB Bank Account. I pay through online banking, supposed we should pay through the 'PayBill Section' but since I dont have matric card numbers yet so I use 'Fund Transfer'. Print out the slip as well.
3. Lampiran UTM 1b, this one is 'Borang Jaminan Kewangan' where you will have to find witnesses to become the 'penjamin'. Not sure why we need to fill up this though we are not making any loans to pay for the studies, like during undergraduates. pfft. 3 witnesses needed. One of them must the the Ketua Kampung. But there are other options too.
4. This form (2 copies) must be chop with 'Setem Hasil'. Unfortunately, this stamp is only available at LHDN buildings or another option is you have to go to Post Office and buy 2 RM10 stamps, but in the end you will still have to go to LHDN to get their chops. Anyway, I think recently they have launched the online stamping but I guess if you wanted to try, you just have to do it earlier to avoid any issues later when the registration day is just around the corner.
Done with the document preparation.
Now, during the registration day, make sure you bring the original copy of your transcript and offer letter as well as your degree certificates. The check list of what to bring is available from the download links mentioned earlier.
How to Register Your Vehicle in UTM
During students registration day usually be held in DSI, there will be one booth to get the red form to register your vehicle. If you missed to take the form, you can always get it from the Main UTM Entrance, but at the second entrance, you can ask the guards there too. There is a counter there. Its better if you can bring the below documents if you wish to settle it in one day.
1. Copy of Driving Licence
2. Copy of Insurance Cover Note (if available)
3. Copy of Geran (if im not mistaken- only for motorcycle)
There is another copy you need to bring but only if available. Forget what it is since I didnt provide it.
Get SPS to chop and sign, and then only you can submit to Unit Lalu Lintas UTM. Near the 2nd Pintu Gerbang UTM. They will provide you with the stciker right away.
How to Claim from KWSP for Study Fees.
You should go to KWSP website and download Form 9H. Documents needed to submit differ based on the applicants status. But one thing for sure, you can only claim after you make payment to university since they need the official payment receipt from them.
Anyway, apart of the other documents, there are 2 most important docs.
Surat Pengesahan Pendaftar and Official Receipt.
Go to Pejabat Bendahari, get the queueing numbers(enquiries), fill up the green form which you can get from the right side of the office (to get the official receipt). When they call your number, give them the green form and ask them how to get the 'Surat Pengesahan Pendaftaran Pelajar'. Its the KWSP requirement. You will get the filled forms after 3 working days.
KWSP claim is advisable to be applied every semester. say if you are in semester 1, claim for semester 1 only. And make sure to fill up the form using BLACK INK pen only.
How to Apply for MyBrain Scholarship
The procedure is quite lengthy. You have to go to 4 offices just to get their chop and signs.
1. Get chop/sign from SPS. Tt will be ready the next working day.
2. Get chop/sign from Pegawai Pendaftar. The building is located near the Pejabat Bendahari, but the 4th Floor. (forgot the name of the dept. since there is more than 2 dept under Pejabat Pendaftar.)
3. Get chop/sign from Pegawai inside Pejabat Bendahari. (same building ground floor). Opposite CIMB Bank.
4. Get chop/sign from your lecture. Its in your faculty lah :P
5. Get signature from your colleague who have known you more than 3 years (non-family members)
Then only you can submit the forms through online. 
A few advise before you start attending classes.
1. Your Class May Start Before Your Faculty Briefing Day. Just Make Sure You Get The Timetable Right After You Register As A Student.
2. Subject Registration Can Be Made Anytime Even After You Attend Classes. So Dont Worry to Attend Classes Which Subject You Havent Registered Yet.
3. Know The Classes Location. Take Some Time To Wander Around the Faculty and Get To Know the Amenities Available.
4. Know which Parking Lot  is Available For Students.
Thats about it. I hope this post will help my blog readers to manage their registration better than mine. =D

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